FAQ for Infants' Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera

FAQ – Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera

1. What is Nappy Rash?

Nappy rash is a common skin disorder in infants.  It is nothing unusual.  Contact with urine and faeces in conjunction with heat and chafing are the most common causes.

2. Can we avoid Nappy Rash?

The best way to avoid nappy rash is to keep the baby’s bottom dry and rash free if possible.  If a rash does appear – apply Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream liberally to the affected area.

3. What does Nappy Rash look like?

It will start off with the skin looking red with a slightly rough appearance.  This is the best time to start application of the product.  The earlier it is treated, the easier it is to overcome.

4. How does Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera work?

The main ingredients of this product are Aloe Vera, Zinc Oxide and Lanolin.  Refer to the Infants Friend Comfy Baby Cream Products Page for more detail on how these ingredients assist in the treatment of Nappy Rash.

5. Is the cream product better for the baby than the powder products?

The market research Infants’ Friend has performed in baby clinics is that nursing parents find the cream easier to use, is more comfortable for the baby and makes for a safer environment in the baby room.  Many mentioned that they weren’t comfortable with baby powder circulating in the baby’s room and being breathed by the baby.  The powder does tend to ‘dry out’ the affected area where the cream ‘moistens and soothes’, usually resulting in a much more comforting sleep for the baby.

6. Can I use Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera if the baby doesn’t have Nappy Rash?

Yes – there is no problem using this product on most skin types and regular use will assist in the prevention of nappy rash and other similar skin problems.

7. Can Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera be used by adults?

Absolutely – there is nothing wrong with using the cream for the treatment of eczema and other skin and chaffing-related ailments.  We do have testimonials from cycling groups that the product is excellent for “Cyclist Chaffing” – in the obvious areas.

8. Is this product available outside Australia?

Infants’ Friend products are licensed to be sold through pharmacies in Australia.  There are e-pharmacies that will ship to countries other than Australia.  Please refer to the Purchase Page for more detail.

If you have other questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please contact us through the Contact Page.  Please understand that we cannot offer professional medical advice.

As with any pharmaceutical product– if you are concerned – discontinue use and seek professional advice.