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An Australian made piece of history for baby colic relief medicine.

Infants’ Friend is proudly Australian owned and manufactured, relieving babies of colic, wind and teething discomfort since 1935. From humble beginnings in the Queensland city of Ipswich, Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid has grown to become Australia’s number one selling product to relieve infants’ colic and wind. 85 Years later, Infants’ Friend is proud to provide modern day parents with the same ‘old-fashioned’ remedy that truly works.

Now stocked in leading supermarkets and pharmacies around the country, Infants’ Friend has become a household name among new parents, and a remedy passed down through generations.


Chemist, JC Minnis, arrives in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia from the outback town of Blackall, where he performed a range of necessary services to the community including optometry, dentistry and assisted with anaesthetics at the local hospital.


1939 - 1949

JC Minnis becomes Mayor of the City of Ipswich.  His medical expertise is quickly recognised and he is constantly called upon for medical advice. Many of his patients, mostly infants, suffered from colic and wind complaints, diarrhoea, boils, colds and flu. JC decides to mix his own remedies for these common complaints – such as diarrhoea mixture, Indian Cerate – drawing ointment for boils, Red Acid Cure for coughs and many others.

By far – the most sought after and popular remedy is Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid; JC Minnis’ cure for infants with colic and wind. Infants’ Friend goes on to be sold through Minnis Pharmacy in downtown Ipswich.



A travelling sales representative from a pharmaceutical warehouse calls on his rounds to JC and complains about a bad night he just had with a child with wind and colic. JC gives the sales representative a bottle of Infants’ Friend for baby colic relief to take home – it works wonders and so much so, that the sales representative talks JC into stocking Infants’ Friend in his company’s warehouse. This leads to Infants’ Friend being available to all of Queensland, but still hand made in JC Minnis’ Pharmacy.



JC Minnis passes away, but the tradition lives on, with Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid still being produced in the continuing Minnis Pharmacy.

The number of enquiries increases dramatically due to personal recommendations from mother to daughter and so on. Because of the health regulations of the time – Infants’ Friend could only be sold in Queensland.



A major fire in Ipswich City wipes out a large part of the Central Business District – but Minnis Pharmacy survives. Because of the major construction works in the city, Minnis Pharmacy is sold by JC Minnis’ daughter – the sole survivor of the immediate family.

Geoff Price, a loyal and trusted pharmacy assistant with Minnis Pharmacy for many years is given the formula for the popular baby colic relief medicine – under agreement with the Minnis Family Trust. Geoff then has the product manufactured under approved laboratory conditions and continues to distribute Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid throughout Queensland – still heavily in demand.


Late 1980's

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is established, and all medicines are required to be registered under this government authority. Once TGA registers in the ARTG (AUSTR26678), this allows Geoff to distribute Infants’ Friend throughout all of Australia. Because of the transient population (especially Air Force personnel from Amberley airbase in Ipswich) Infants’ Friend becomes in great demand on the interstate chemist’s shelves, and a household name in all states of Australia.



Infants’ Friend goes from strength to strength, but the product remains the same. Geoff Price sells his beloved lifetime pursuit of Infants’ Friend to a friend of his – Neil McPhillips, who partnered with local accountant, Gregory Walsh – to ensure the Infants’ Friend tradition continues to remain in Ipswich, servicing Australia. At the time, Neil was responsible for economic development of the city and was adamant that an important part of Ipswich’s history remains and lives on.


Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera.

Infants’ Friend develops a new product called Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera. A natural, nappy rash cream utilising Aloe Vera as the main ‘rash soothing’ ingredient. The cream is developed in response to customer’s queries wanting a product for baby’s bottom, as good as the Oral Liquid is for baby colic relief. The Comfy Baby Cream is distributed Australia wide and starts to grow in popularity.



Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid grows to become Australia’s number one selling remedy for infants’ colic and wind, still firmly connected to its Ipswich roots.
The Infants’ Friend brand continues to grow and support new parents around the country.