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Are there any Side Effects to Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid?

Are there any Side Effects to Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid?

It is common for parents to wonder if there are any side effects from using Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid for their baby or child.

A lot of parents are concerned that as the product is working so well, they think there must be a downside to this wonderful liquid and so maybe there are some side effects?!??

This product is extremely safe to use and has no known side effects. Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the regulatory agency for pharmaceuticals in Australia and has been in use for more than eighty years.

Oral Liquid does what you want it to do and that is help relieve colic, wind pain, teething and restlessness in your baby and does not cause any nasty or even minor side effects.

If you are using Infants’ Friend for a particular reason, for example teething pain, you may notice your child’s bowels move more regularly. This is not necessarily a side effect but rather one of the issues that the oral liquid is designed to help with. There is nothing harmful either about more frequent bowel motions in this case.

Some infants may have an allergic reaction if the product is spilt around the mouth. This is usually caused by a reaction with the main Active Ingredients, which are Essential Oils. Sometimes, these can cause a reaction to an infant’s sensitive skin, but the ‘reddening’ of the skin will disappear quite quickly and is not harmful.

And did you know Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid is even safe and suitable to use from birth? For more information on this you can read more here 

If you have any concerns about your baby’s particular issues or needs, please talk directly with your Pharmacist or Doctor.