Infants' Friend - Oral Liquid


Many of us know that Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid is used to help with colic in young babies. We are constantly hearing how many of you find this to work well with your baby and are very happy with the results.

But did you know that once your baby moves through this phase early in their lives, that you may be able to keep the Oral Liquid on hand to aid in other ailments your child may experience?

You may also find that Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid can assist with:

  • Restlessness and irritation caused by inflamed gums during teething
  • Keeping your baby’s bowels regular
  • Relieving wind in the bowels
  • Producing natural, quiet sleep, by relieving the child from colic and wind

Teething is something that can cause upset in many babies and something that a lot of Mums and Dads don’t realise that Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid can assist with.

It is important to note that for each of the above, including for teething, you simply administer Infants’ Friend in the same way as described on the bottle for it to have its best effect.

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If you are concerned with any health issue your child may be experiencing, please remember to talk to your Doctor.