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What is the best way to give Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid to your infant?

What is the best way to give Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid to your infant?

So you’ve just started using Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid or you are thinking of using it for the first time.

You’re most likely finding that your baby is responding to it well and you may even be enjoying a tiny little bit more sleep throughout the night as a result!

As the Oral Liquid comes in a bottle, you may be wondering what IS the best way to give it to my baby? It may seem a little awkward at first.

You can rest assured that Oral Liquid can be given in a variety of ways all with similar levels of success. What you need to do is work out the best way that suits you and your baby.

Why not try one or more of the following ways and see which one works best for you?

Before you do though, if you haven’t used it before, you may like to read this article on our blog here which reminds you that you will need a dropper before you try these different methods.

  1. No matter which method you choose, make sure you shake the bottle well first!
  2. If you are breastfeeding, Oral Liquid can be given before or after each feed, and if necessary, between feeds. If you read this article here, you will know that you need to buy a dropper while you are at the chemist. Use this dropper to give the Oral Liquid to your baby directly onto their tongue.
  3. You can give Oral Liquid with water. Simply draw out some Oral Liquid from the bottle, then drop the recommended number of drops into a small amount of water, then give to your baby as you normally would – using a spoon, bottle, sippy cup etc.
  4. If you are feeding your baby with infant formula in a bottle, or even juice in a bottle, you can simply drop the recommended number of drops into the formula as you make it up. This way, your child will get it as they feed on the bottle.
  5. If your child drinks water or juice from a bottle or sippy cup, you can add the recommended number of drops into there as well.


Which ways will you try? Which way do you prefer? Tell us on our Facebook page.

As we mentioned earlier, each method works equally well, it’s all about doing what’s best and most convenient for you and your baby.

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