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The home of Australia’s leading baby colic relief medicine

Welcome to the home of Infants’ Friend – an Australian made piece of history for baby colic relief medicine.

‘Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid is Australia’s leading colic and wind medicine for infants. Distributed Australia-wide, Infants’ Friend has been a household name for more than 80 years and as proven through many testimonials received, has been used with great success. We receive great feedback from parents that this popular baby colic relief medicine has been passed from mother to daughter.  Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid is a pleasant natural tasting liquid which contains no scheduled drugs.

‘Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera’ is a recently released nappy rash cream that has quickly been taken up by nursing parents as another natural, Australian made product that carries the Infants Friend quality brand; pleasant for babies and a saviour for parents.

Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid, the number one selling colic and wind medicine for infants is available in all leading pharmacies as well as most supermarkets.

Infants’ Friend Oral Liquid is a baby colic relief medicine registered in the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods), AUSTR26678, and is available from chemists throughout Australia, or on-line, using the links within this site. Refer to the Purchase page for more information on how to purchase all products.

Read the history of Infants’ Friend, look at the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs), or simply purchase some Infants’ Friend, to relieve the pain or to add comfort in your baby’s life. If you want to know more about Infants’ Friend, feel free to contact us through the Contact page or go to the Infants Friend Facebook Page. We hope Infants’ Friend has been good for you in the past – and good for you in the future!